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New creative project?


rehearsal, circa 2002


With ^this^ energy,

a keen eye for detail,

and 20+ years in the industry,

Betsy can help:



(work through fresh ideas | get feedback throughout development)



(generate promotional copy | punch up a draft)



(proofread before submitting | streamline your formatting)



(nail that audition)

Please get in touch via the CONTACT page 

to discuss your needs & her flexible rates.

What folks have to say about working with Betsy:

Betsy has edited and proofread all of my plays. And she is a God. Or the Devil. Because God – or the Devil – is in the details. And Betsy does details. She finds all of the errors and inconsistencies, and helpfully points out what I call "un-clarities." She masterminded a reformatting/streamlining of the manuscript for the forthcoming Second Revised Edition of my play LOVE/SICK – and got rid of all of the un-clarities. If Betsy’s not a God or the Devil, she’s definitely a Witch. A very very very Good Witch. 

-John Cariani | Writer & Actor (Almost Maine, LOVE/SICK)

Betsy is one of the most discerning dramatists I've ever worked with. Whether writing or consulting, she offers unique, winking humor, incisive copyediting, and an innate sense of emotional, powerful, concise storytelling. With the heart of a lifelong actor, Betsy is a master communicator and the ideal addition to any room, which is why she's my go-to sounding board for all creative pursuits.

-Patrick Sulken | Music Director & Orchestrator (Pretty Woman, Kinky Boots,

Working with Betsy Hogg is a pleasure...I cannot recommend it highly enough! A consummate professional, her skills as an artist have helped me get the best out of auditions, and her wisdom and thoughtfulness have been invaluable throughout my writing process. 

-Geoffrey Allen Murphy | Actor & Writer (

Betsy has a razor-sharp eye for detail, and knows how to help you mine for authenticity in your piece without losing a sense of play. She is generous of spirit, kind and encouraging. Work with her! You will be so happy you did!

-Danielle Frimer | Playwright & Screenwriter (

Betsy has been at the forefront of multiple creative successes for me over the years. Rather than editing a piece and shaping it to her own voice, Betsy has the unique ability to hone, leverage, and accelerate the tone and story-world of each individual project. I eagerly await her notes and often ask: ‘WWBD?’ Her passion and infectious enthusiasm for elevating the creativity in a room inspire everyone she meets. Find some way to work with her – you will grow, succeed, and (more importantly) have a blast doing it.  

-Jacob Kemp | Actor, Writer & Designer (

Betsy is a dreamy dramaturgical consultant: her notes on scripts are generous as they are scrupulous. She’s an advocate for the play at every stage, and her holistic process, from first draft through closing night, is the epitome of professionalism and artistic bravery.


Betsy also has a gift for working with young actors. She is never condescending, never patronizing, and always a nurturing professional voice. As a coach, she brings out the best in even the greenest actor. 

-Brant Russell | Director, Writer & Professor (

It's a vulnerable act to share your writing with someone else before it's "ready." When I'd felt stuck for ages on an incomplete draft of a play, Betsy read it and shared invaluable insight and encouragement that helped me keep going. With her decades of experience as a theatre artist, her deep well of empathy, and her own gifts as a writer, Betsy's feedback always comes from a place of productive honesty rather than unkind or limiting judgement. I'm grateful to call her a colleague and creative partner and would recommend her services to anyone navigating the often lonely and daunting practice of art-making. 

-Caitlin Collins | Lyricist, Playwright & Actor (

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